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Core Labour Policy


Company Core Labour Policy

HTL is committed to providing a work environment where people are employed in an open and respectful manner, complying with all applicable NZ employment laws.

This Core Labour Policy reflects our commitment to align with FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) requirements on labour practices and human rights within our operations. It is important to note that a substantial portion of the FSC® labour requirements align with New Zealand's Employment Relations Act, 2000, which we fully embrace as responsible citizens and employers. 

Core Labour Requirements
1. Complies with all the rights and obligations established by NZ employment law
2. Use of child labour
- No one under the age of 15 is employed outside the conditions of NZ law
- No person under the age of 18, is employed in hazardous or heavy work situations
- No forms of child labour are permitted on site.
3. Elimination of all form of forced and compulsory labour
- Employment relationships are voluntary and based on mutual consent
- No forced or compulsory labour
4. No discrimination in employment and occupation
5. Freedom of association and the effective right to collective bargaining
- Employees are able to join worker organisations of choice
- Worker organisations can draw up their own constitutions and rules
- No discrimination of employees involved in worker organisations
- Free negotiation and good faith bargaining of collective agreements
- Collective bargaining agreements are implemented where they exist.

This policy shall be reviewed annually and be made available to stakeholders, staff, FSC® accredited certification body and other interested parties as deemed appropriate.

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