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Emerald Faarufushi
Resort & Spa

The Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa rests among the glittering seas of the Maldives as a jewel of luxury, rest and relaxation. The island hosts an array of buildings, including the spa complex, Lagoon Restaurant & Bar, all day dining room & pool bar. 

At HTL, we were involved from an early stage and were able to provide various costing options for different products and solutions. This enabled us to provide specialised engineered timber for their buildings that was visually beautiful, structurally strong and suited to the marine environment.

The spa complex is made up of a host of unique structures. In the treatment rooms and main building, laminated timber was required for the rafters. Each pair of rafters was a different diameter and needed curved ridges.


The solution HTL provided were 240x88 GL8 curved eave beams, crafted in a “round the building” style. 360x88 GL8 curved ridges and 140x63 GL8 curved rafters were crafted in an “over the rainbow” style.


Accurate modelling was crucial for these curved roofs, and the results showcase a stunning and functional space with elegant biophilic design.


Laminated timber was also used in the main building of the spa complex, with straight 190x88 GL8 eave beams and straight 240x88 GL8 ridges, providing an attractive and professional look.

  • Faarufushi Island - Maldives 

  • 2017 

  • H-LAM GL8 rafters, ridges,
    and eave beams

 The Lagoon Restaurant & Bar features a curved 190x42 GL8 ridge which gives the building its crescent shape, whilst supporting the 140x42 GL8 rafters and trusses, and 240x88 eave beams.

The Lagoon Bar is also supported by 190x42 GL8 curved rafters and 240x88 GL8 curved eave beams.

H-LAM GL8 products were ideal for the Emerald Faarufushi, as HTL were able to manufacture the timber to the clients specific needs. This enabled the architects and construction teams to achieve not only the structural requirements needed, but also the relaxing aesthetic that makes the Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa heaven on earth.

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