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Rare Construction Manufacturing Opportunity

Secure Your Foothold in OSM - The Future of Construction 

This plant enables the manufacture of complete wall and floor panels in less than 1 week which can be transported to site and a complete house erected in a matter of days.

  • Proven & ready to install

  • Installs into a 5,000m2 premises

  • Low machine hours

  • Minimal staff required

  • Installation support

  • No wait time – here in NZ now

  • Max output 1,000 houses per annum

  • Be an early adopter into an emerging market

New Zealand is now 100% ready to accept modular housing as demand escalates and affordability becomes the prime consideration.

This presents a very rare opportunity for an entrepreneur in the timber/construction/manufacturing industry to take a quantum leap in supplying the currently underserviced housing market.

To learn more about this machinery and its capabilities, contact:

Jason Douglas

Contact Jason Directly 

Thank you Jason will be in touch soon 

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